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We offer the whole range of disinfectants exposed on Russian market for medicine as well as public services and premises.


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About the company

In summer 2006 the company "DezMedService" - one of the biggest suppliers on national market of disinfectant products - opened its second branch in Moscow. The company's department managers are going to continue work on winning parts of regional market of disinfection products. The firm's expansion will most efficiently allow LLC "DezMedServise" to meet the needs of patient-care and prophylactic institutions and the further promotion of products of national producers on the Russian market.

The company LLC "DezMedService" was founded in 2002. For today in its structure there are 3 independent departments with the managers who are working with patient-care prophylactic institutions, dwelling and public-attended premises and objects round Moscow and it's region; with trading firms all over Russia. Due to the company's reorganization our sales volume (on counts of the second half of 2006) has increased with 34% as compared with the same last year's period, the range of offered products

has expanded with 18%. This has become the total result of successful final of negotiations and conclusion of contracts with new suppliers.

During the last year our company has taken one of the leading places in the disinfection supplies market. Our years' flawless quality of work has got our reliable customers` deserved acknowledgment and is the key moment for involving new ones. Valuable privilege of our delivered products is due to well? promoted relationship (for years' period of work) with national (and not only) producing factories and effective work of logistics department. Due to professional planning of delivering of products we provide high circulation. Financial turnover has been also increasing. Consequently, we posses some extra opportunity to restrain the posses of price rise despite the constant growth of products selling prices that can not disappoint our customers. On one hand, sales volume increased from 2004 to 2006 our total volume of selling products climbed more than 61%) and, on the other hand, strengthening federal authorities' attention for the Care of Public Health in the whole, have provided with the necessity of company expansion by opening a branch with extra work vacancies and enlarging warehouse premises.

At current time LLC "DezMedService" is a united team, whose work aims at long-term plans. Our main future targets are going to be gaining effecial work in regions: to attract new medical representatives in regional centers, doing the market search, experiencing new items of producer supplies, developing relations with sub distributors. Together with producing factories it is planned to increase the number of regional warehouses by the end of 2007 that will allow the company not only to maintain but also to strengthen the price advantage in this segment of market. One of the prior tasks of development of the company we see in bringing out on the market the new products of national developers of disinfectants. By this we not only follow (with all possible efforts) the government's motto to support Russian manufacturers but also try to serve the clients' needs in qualified not lagging behind the imported low priced product.     

We offer our customers beneficial co-operation terms: product credit, free delivery around Moscow and its region, receiving a full package of methodical and legal documents with each supply and a system of significant discounts for reliable customers.

We will be glad to co-operate!

Full information about disinfectant solutions is presented on our site esspesially aiming at data targets. Apart from advising on the use and buying of required items you can get from company managers on following numbers: (495) 543-92-34, (495) 510-67-71 (multichannel)

Moscow, Abramtsevskaya str. 4, bid.2