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Каталог Disinfection and pre-sterilization clean of instruments Bianol


a remedy for disinfection and pre-sterilization (concentrate).

Produced in Russia

Using: the disinfectant “Bianol” is intended for disinfection and sterilization of medical purpose items (including flexible endoscopes, instruments to them) made of metals, glass, rubber, and plastic, for treatment of surfaces (floors, walls, rigid pieces of furniture), sanitary-technical equipment, for providing general clean and disinfection of high-level endoscopes within 10 min.

For using in veterinary nursing:

- treatment of animals keeping premises (also for birds), maintaining animal husbandry objects, technological equipment and stock, areas for pre-killing keeping, slaughter houses, killing departments, feeding kitchens, forage packing, premises for skin removal in fur breeding;

- motorcar-vehicles, railway carriages and other means of transport for animals’ dislocation, raw materials and animal products, also for open objects (footlights, platforms) and for lots of animals gathering locations (markets, exhibitions, sport grounds)

- premises, equipment and stock for animals in zoos, circus, nursing houses, vivariums, veterinary clinics, fur skin disinfection (mink and sheep skins) in case of mico-infections.

Composition of the disinfectant: glutaric aldehide, glyoxide, alkildimethylammonium chloride, surfactants (SAS), color and water.

Consistence and specialty: transparent liquid concentrate of bright-blue color with light specific smell, incorrodible, harmless for thermo materials.

Microbiological activity: disinfectant “Bianol” possesses antimicrobial activity in regard to bacteria (including TB), viruses (including HV and HIV), fungal and spore bacterial activity.

Toxicity: the disinfectant “Bianol” as per COST 12.1.007_76 belongs to the the 3rd class of mild-hazard in case of getting into stomach substances; and to the 4th class of low-hazard substances when it is put onto skin and in case of vapor inhalation of high active substances, the concentrate causes local irritation of skin and mucous membrane of the eye, possesses sensitizing effect. Working solutions (0,25-2,0%) do not cause skin irritation; 20% solution causes moderate skin irritation; all solutions irritate mucous membrane of the eye.

Using: working solutions are prepared by adding appropriate amount of the concentrate to drinking water. Disinfection with solutions is performed by immersion (medical-purpose items) and wiping (surfaces in premises, sanitary-technical equipment. Before disinfection visible stains should be removed from outer surfaces with fabric napkins, items (including their channels and cavities) should be washed with water in container.

Packaging: plastic 1L., 3L containers

Storage life: concentrate under t less 25° C – 12 months; working solutions 10 days.

Storage terms: usual

Specialty and notes: Attention! Before working solution preparation the concentrate should be mixed by 4 times turning over in a proper-closed container. The disinfectant spots organic stains, therefore it is necessary before Bianol treatment to perform the pre-sterilization. Working solutions can be used many times within 10 days from the preparation moment if their appearance does not change. In the presence of the first hints of change (change of color or tubidity, thin coating presence on the sides of container, sedimentation etc.) the solution must be replaced. Avoiding the solution solubility under multitime usage only dry items should be immersed in the solution. Surfaces treatment should be performed in the absence of patients after that the premises should be aired within 30-60 min. It is used for leather works, fur-skins and wool treatment.
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