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Каталог Other disinfection Orotol Ultra

Orotol Ultra


Produced: “Durr Dental-Orachim”, Germany.

Using: for disinfection, clean and deodorization of stomatologic suction pumps and spittoons in case of infections of bacterial (including tuberculosis), fungal and viral (including viruses of Hepatitis B 2 and 3 and HIV) causation.

Composition of the disinfectant: Sodium peroxorbate; also surfactants, cleaning, antifoaming agents and other subsidiary substances.

Consistency and specialty: powder, well water soluble.

Microbiological activity: possesses bacterial, tuberculosidal, fungal (fungi Candida), virulent (in regard to viruses of Hepatitis B, HIV-infections, flu, paraflu, Herpes, other lipophinal viruses, also poliovirus, enteroviruses, oral viruses) activity.

Toxicity: as per high toxicity classification the disinfectant belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances in case of introducing into the stomach and inhaling volatile compounds in rich concentration, as powder. Possesses weak local irritation to the skin and moderate – to mucous membrane of the eye. Working solution does not cause skin irritation, cause weak irritation to mucous membrane of the eye; does not possess sensitizing effect.

Using: preparing 1% working solution 10 g disinfectant (1 dozer-spoon) should be dissolved into 1 L. warm water (30° C). For disinfection, clean and deodorization of suction pumps 1% disinfectant solution should be used, 1 L. of that should be poured through the system within2 min. Salivary ejectors should be disinfected after using by immersion into 1% solution. Treatment time – 3 hours. Spittoons should be poured down with 1% solution for 3 hours. Disinfection, clean and deodorization of salivary ejectors and spittoons should be performed every day between shifts and at the end of working day.

Packaging: plastic containers of 500 g (for 50 usings) with enclosed dozer-spoon.

Storage life: as powder – 2 years; working solutions – 1 day (night).

Storage terms: usual.
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