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Каталог Other disinfection Aspirmatic, Aspirmatic Cleaner

Aspirmatic, Aspirmatic Cleaner

disinfectant (concentrate)

Aspirmatic Cleaner
A remedy for cleaning activity intensification upon disinfection (concentrate)
Produced by <Shulke and Mayr, G. m. b. H.>, Germany.

Using: <Aspirmatic> - is used for everyday clean and disinfection of medical suction systems, spittoons and its pipes.
In addition “Aspirmatic Cleaner” essentially strengthens cleaning activity of “Aspirmatic” upon treatment
of below-mentioned items.

Composition of the disinfectant: <Aspirmatic> – 7,5% dioktyldimethylammonium chloride as an active substance.

Consistence and specialty: the disinfectant “Aspirmatic” is transparent bluish liquid with nice specific smell. Possesses cleaning and deodorant activity.

<Aspirmatic Cleaner> – transporant yellowish liquid with specific smell.

Microbiological activity: the disinfectant “Aspirmatic” possesses viral (also against HBV and HIV) bacterial (except TB bacilli) and fungal activity as well as washing and deodorant activity.

Using: 2 liters of 2% working solutions of <Aspirmatic Cleaner>(in regard to dioktyldimethylammonium chloride) is prepared in a special device with bottle dozer (Aspirmatic System) of Shulke and Mayr, G. m. b. H. or in glass or plastic containers with covers adding 40 ml. of concentrate (2 dozes) in 1960 ml. of drinking water.
2 liters of 5% working solutions of <Aspirmatic> (in regard to acid citric monohydrate)should be prepared in a special device with bottle dozer (Aspirmatic System) of Shulke and Mayr, G. m. b. H. or in glass or plastic containers with covers by adding 100 ml. of concentrate (5 dozes) in 1900 ml. of drinking water.
Working solution should be used before and after treatment of items: For that about 1,5 L. of solution should be put through suction tubes, and the rest 0,5 L. should be poured into the system (at least for 30 min.) or for a night
It is necessary ones or twice a week (instead of one treatment by <Aspirmatic>) to use <Aspirmatic Cleaner>, strengthening <Aspirmatic> cleaning effect. Quantity and method of treatment with < Aspirmatic Cleaner> is the same as<Aspirmatic>. Treatment time of the solution in the systems should be at least 2 hours. After the contact time drinking running water should be put into into the system to remove water soluble stains.

Packaging: plastic 2L. containers with a handle.

Consumption norm: <of disinfectant “Aspirmatic”> - 7,5% dioktyldimethylammonium chloride as an active substance.

<Aspirmatic Cleaner> - 40% acid citric monohydrate as main active substance. In composition of both remedies there are also auxiliary substances (foam and PH regulators, noniongenetical surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, odorants, dye).

Storage life < of disinfectant “Aspirmatic”> and <Aspirmatic Cleaner> if not unpacked 3 years, after unpacking 3 months, of working solutions – 1 month.

Storage terms: storage temperature from -5° C up to +40° C

Specialty and notes: is suitable for all amalgam drugs. <Aspirmatic Cleaner> should not be left in systems for night. Mixing of concentrates and working solutions of <Aspirmatic> and <Aspirmatic Cleaner> is not admissible.

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