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We offer the whole range of disinfectants exposed on Russian market for medicine as well as public services and premises.


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16 December 2010
The glass cleaner “Clean City”

The glass cleaner “Clean City” is created on the basis of specially invented modern composition to cope with any even inveterate dirty spots. The cleaner is intended for washing window, glass cases and automobile glasses, mirrors, chromium-plated, steel, plastic and ceramic surface. Due to sprayer the cleaner can be spread on the surface of the most complex structure at minimum expenditure. High cleaning quality of the glass cleaner “Clean City” is ensured by the presence in its composition the chemical products which improve washing ability, they are: isopropyl alcohol and surfactants.

Using recommendations: spread the cleaner on the surface and wipe with a soft cloth. If there is hard dirty spots repeat the procedure. The glass cleaner “Clean City” will keep shine and pleasant smell in the room for a long period of time.

13 December 2010
The News of the Partner “FabricMed” – the producer




The company-partner “FabricMed” do not stand still but it is progressing! From December the company expanded the product range and started producing not only white and blue disposable clothing but also pink, orange and turquoise one.

13 December 2010
The fifth championship game passed

On December, 11the fifth championship tour of Russia on mini-football was held. Unfortunately, the fans of Dubna did not still watch the entertainment of mini-football. For unknown reasons our contender CTSS “Spartak” from Shelkovskiy district did not come to the town of Dubna. Guiding by the rules of the competition the contender team got a technical defeat with a score 0:5 and our team got a victory with a score 5:0.

But in order not to offend the home crowd the leadership of FC “DezMedServis” decided to spend a home game and an open training. Having divided into two teams the players showed a good football to smooth out the frustration of spectators coming to the match somehow. After the final whistle “DezMedServis” team thanked all the spectators and mini-football-goers who came to the sport palace “The Rainbow”.


The other matches result:



“Mitishi-d” - “Zorkiy” 4:2 (1:1)

“Filial RGGY” - “Energiya” 4:5

“Molodaya Gvardiya” – “Volgar” 5:5 (5:2)

SC CTSS “Avantguard” - MFC “Vidnoe” 8:6 (6:4)

FC “Egorievsk” - MFC “Vostok” 13:2 (7:0)

09 December 2010



at the order of 200 thousand rubles - a gift warming set

at the order of 300 thousand rubles - a gift purse

at the order of 400 thousand rubles - a gift heated blanket

*The results summarized each two weeks

08 December 2010
Creative contest

From November, 20 till December, 1 there was a creative contest at the holding. The participants chose the theme contest arbitrarily, but the leitmotif was every company’s life and achievements.

The winners of the contest became: the company “Paper Craft” - in the nomination “The Best Drawing”, the company “Dezfarm” – in the nomination “The Best Poetic Creation”. All the participants were rewarded with valuable and memorable gifts.

06 December 2010
The fourth championship game passed

On Saturday, December, 4th the fourth tour in championship of Russia on mini-football among the teams of the first league in Moscow Region zone took place. The football club “DezMedServis” set out to the town of Orehovo-Zuevo where they meet the local team “Vostok”. The match began under the authority of our team. From the first minutes our guys seized the initiative and in five minutes three dumb balls were scored at the opponent’s. The teams left for a break with a score 5:0. The opponent team consisted of young boys of 1990-1993 that’s why the absence of experience and skills affected the game. Having missed three fast goals, it became clear that the contender was not ready to fight on equal terms. And once again the president of the club Rogozhin had a chance to score a goal but fortune turned her back. He broke a good ten meter free kick, but the ball did not get in the gate. On the whole, the game was fine. The work on errors carried out at the last trainings affected the game greatly. According to the results of the last tour FC “DezMedServis” rose to the first line at the scoreboard and led the championship. And the former leader FC “Volgar” the town of Konakovo sank to the fourth place having lost FC “Vidnoe” in the town of Vidnoe at the guest game. The main goal scores in our team were: Belyaev – 4, Sosulin – 2, Tatarkin – 1, Evgrafov – 1, Zhuravlev – 1. Warnings (yellow cards) were to: Churilin, Evgrafov, Lebedev. Congratulations to our team on a magnificent victory spent at the guests’ and we are looking forward to new victories.

The other matches result:

CTSS “Spartak” - SC CTSS “Avantguard” 5:7 (0:3)

MFC “Vidnoe” - “Volgar” 10:6 (6:4)

“Molodaya Gvardiya” - “Filial RGGY” 4:2 (2:0)

“Energiya” - “Mitishi-d” 5:1 (3:1)

“Zorkiy” - FC “Egorievsk” 6:6 (3:1)


Photo Report

30 November 2010
The second game passed
Our guys had a tremendous success at the guest game with “Zorkiy” team from the town of Krasnogorsk. From the first minutes our team gathered the initiative in their hands. A fast goal clarified the situation. Far beforehand the break 6 dumb balls captured the home gate and the teams left for a break with 6:6 score in our favor. In the second time the nature of the game didn’t change essentially, our guys were still active on the home half of the field and took control of the game. The President of the club E. U. Rogozhin had a chance to show himself having appeared in the second time. In the atmosphere of confident play and full domination on the field the coach staff gave a chance for a young team replenishment to reveal them. As the curtain fell, two more dumb goals were scored at the home gate. They were: Sosulin – 5, Borodochenko – 1, Tatarkin – 1, Zhuravlev – 1.

The other matches result:

FC “Egorievsk” – SC CTSS “Avantguard” 1:6 (0:6)

MFC “Vostok” – “Volgar” 4:10 (2:4)

CTSS “Spartak” – “Filial RGGY” 9:9 (5:2)

MFC “Vidnoe” – “Mitishi-d” 4:1 (3:0)

“Energiya” – “Molodaya Gvardiya” 2:7 (0:5)

The first game starting superiority of Russia on minifootball in the first league in a Moscow Region zone our team played visitors in the city of Solnechnogorsk with a football club “Avantguard”. As well as it is necessary, from the very first minutes the teams started searching for gaps in contender protection. Our guys were the first to open the score. Then they doubled the score to 2:0. But at the end of the first time the home team could win back a ball and the teams left for a break with 2:1 score in our advantage. In the second time the contender became more active and added in speed, thereby weakened their defensive boundaries. The result hasn't kept itself waiting. The goals systematically aimed the home gate. As a result, the match ended in a score 6:1 in advantage of the football club “DezMedServis”. The main goals in our team were scored by:  Zhuravlev – 2, Churilin – 1, Borodochenko – 1, Sosulin – 1, Tatarkin – 1. Best congratulations to our team on the successful season beginning! The President of the football club “DezMedServis” E. U. Rogozhin was present at the first game of the new season. He congratulated the team and the coach on the first victory.

The other matches result:
“Molodaya Gvardiya” – “Zorkiy” 3:0 (1:0)
“Energiya” – MFC “Vidnoe” 1:6 (0:3)
“Filial RGGY” – MFC “Vostok”5:2 (2:1)
“Volgar” – FK “Egorievsk” 10:1 (4:1)

And once again our holding, in a face of  “DezMedServis”, became a general sponsor of the festival of orthodox song and poetry “Silver Psaltyr VII”. The festival took place from the 4th till the 7th of November in the scientific city of Dubna. The head of the holding thinks much not only of sports, social and cultural life of the city, but also of belief – the important component of our validity. And it’s not important of what religion and spiritual world you are, it’s important that sooner or later we shall be responsible for all our acts. Remember it!

Congratulations to our football team “DezMedServis” on receiving a sports title       “Master of Sports of Russia” and especially to Evgeniy Urievich Rogozhin who could achieve so many goals at the age of 35. They say, there’s no limit to perfection. Great you are, keep it up!

And once again under the umbrella of “DezMedServis” company in the town of Dubna Moscow Region there was an open competition on mini-football among all-aged boys and girls – pupils of secondary schools of Dubna.  All 11 schools of the town took part in the competition, and there’s no surprise because the organizer of the event was Evgeniy Borodachenko, the eternal captain and old resident of “DesMedServis” football club.

The competition turned out to be interesting, noisy, joyful, with a great amount of prizes, awards, presents and medals. It’s fine that such good girls and boys study at our schools, such children bearing in themselves enthusiasm, joy and health, as children are OUR FUTURE!

Director! You are super class!
Who could rule us so correct?!
And let us say now
Happy Birthday to you!
The toast sense is old like a world
We can’t make a porridge without you
Be successful, happy and kind
At any business of yours!
Support is home, your family and life
Any illness is cured in a day
And no one was forgotten
But even was awarded!
On October, 20 there was a fine and pleasant holiday, birthday holiday. Our all favourite and respectable Victoria Nikolaevna was born on that autumn day. All our membership large enough gathered to congratulate her. The reason for it is everyone’s wish to congratulate her personally because it’s not a secret to anyone that she is a fair, experienced and skilled head. You can hardly meet a young man possessing such uncommon managing skills and such strategic analytical mentality. Congratulations were strewed by our administrative board. Not having opportunity to present personally at birthday ceremony, Evgeniy Urievich realized it in a computer kind. The congratulation was very pathetic and heart-touching. Specially for that occasion our guys from the wholesale department wrote a short song and sang it in a group of three persons. As a whole, everything went on funny and nice.
Happy Birthday to you, Victoria Nikolaevna!

27 May 2009

Second swine flu case confirmed in Russia

MOSCOW, May 25 (RIA Novosti) - A second person, recently arrived in Russia from the Dominican Republic, has been diagnosed with swine flu, the country's chief doctor said on Monday.Gennady Onishchenko said the man from the Kaluga Region had contracted the virus while on holiday in the Dominican Republic's resort of Punta Cana on May 7-18."He and his wife are under medical observation and at the current time are in an infectious disease unit in a Kaluga hospital," Onishchenko said, adding that tests on the man's wife and four other members of the household had come back negative.The man is reported to be in a "stable condition" Oninshchenko said, and added that the case proved that the measures introduced by the government were working,Russia's Health Ministry said the first case of human swine flu had been diagnosed in Moscow in a man recently returned from a trip to the U.S.According to the World Health Organization's latest update, a total of 12,022 people in 43 countries worldwide have been officially diagnosed with the A/H1N1 swine flue virus, with 86 deaths.

25 June 2007
New certificates on “Schulke & Mayr” products
New certificates on products will be available on our site from 27 June 2007You can also phone us on telephone/fax (495)5439234

19 June 2007
Change of TAC rate on “Schulke & Mayr” products
In connection with acquiring new Conformity certificates on “Schulke & Mayr” products TAC rate changes from 10% to 18%
from 16.06.2007 for Aspirmatic and Aspirmatic Cleaner
from 24.06.2007 for all other products
New certificates on products will be available on our site in the nearest time.

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